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How to order a hand-crafted Chair

  1. Consider just what your requirements are, using this list:
  • Number of chairs
Do you require an individual piece (a personalized arm chair is a good gift), or a set (of four or six or more)?   
  • Mixture of forms
How many Carvers (high back or low back) and Side Chairs are needed? Do you require a Windsor stool?   More
  • Carving Details
Do you require the undecorated Spindle back, or a traditional style of carved back (Georgian or Wheelback)? Alternatively do you require one of Peter Tree's exclusive designs (from his existing patterns or to your own specification)?    More
  • Types of wood


English hardwoods are a speciality, - ash, oak and cherry are all usually available for the chair construction. Carvings require other woods, all with their own characteristics.    More

  1. Contact Peter Tree with details of your requirements:
Address The Bullpens
Woodside Farm
Church Lane
Nr Rauceby
NG34 8QT

+44 (0) 1529 488413


With many different factors affecting costs (including choice of chair styles and  woods used) it is impractical to give prices here. However prices do reflect the quality and exclusivity of Peter Tree's craftsmanship. - details upon request.
Packaging and carriage costs are borne by the purchaser. 


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