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Hand-Crafted Chairs and Bespoke Woodwork


These chairs are the quintessential traditional English pattern of seating with variations in style reflecting status and period of construction.



Developments of the decorative tradition carvings in themed sets of subjects flora and fauna. Bespoke designs an area of expertise.



Peter Tree carefully hand-crafts each chair from choice English hardwoods. Some of these - such as Yew and Cherry (a speciality) - are becoming increasingly rare.


Skilled Craftsmanship

These Chairs have been carefully selected over time for their design elegance, structural proficiency and sitting comfort. 

Peter Tree has over 25 years experience making chairs. He has an extensive knowledge of English timbers and furniture making techniques. Peter Tree is widely recognised as one of England's leading chair makers. 
  • Chairman of the City and Guilds committee that established the qualification standards for the wood crafts industry sector. 

  • Member of the Register of Professional Turners

  • Featured in newspapers, magazines and TV

Other traditional and modern styles of chair are available from an extensive pattern range. Details are available upon request.


Skilled craftsmanship, English hardwoods and traditional designs are combined to create the antiques of the future.

The choice of the discerning.

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