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Traditional Types of Windsor Chairs 

High Back Carver | Low Back Carver | Bow Back Side Chair | Stool | Stretchers

High Back Carver

An impressive chair. Supplied as:

... individual pieces, one part of a matching pair of 
High Back and Low Back Carvers, 

....or as part of a dining set, 
accompanied by a group of side chairs.

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High spindle back carverSpindle Back

Georgian BackLow Georgian back carver

Low Back Carver

These styles often incorporates a 'crinoline' stretcher - a shape that complements the 19th century ladies petticoat.

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Bow Back Side Chair

The Bow Back Windsors have the strength and durability essential for everyday kitchen use, yet a simple timeless elegance equally suited to the more refined atmosphere of the dining room.

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Carved bow back side chairCarved Back

Windsor stool

The Windsor Stool

The Windsor stool's distinctive form is the result of an inspired blend of features commonly used in chairmaking.  Each design element is carefully crafted to complement its neighbour; especially pleasing are the gentle curves of the seat a shape echoed in the cabriole leg and the crinoline stretcher.  As with Windsor Chairs particular attention has been given to the sitter's comfort, this being reflected in the subtle sculpting of the seat, not usually found in stools.  The Windsor stool makes a delightful companion to a set of chairs, yet it has a certain individual quality that makes it equally suited as an occasional piece of furniture in any room.

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Bracing the legs of chairs, stretchers are usually straight turned spindles. An alternative form is the Crinoline stretcher constructed from a curved spindle shaped to complement ladies' petticoats of the 19th century.

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Straight stretcher
  Straight Stretcher

Crinoline stretcher
    Crinoline Stretcher


High Back Carver | Low Back Carver | Bow Back Side Chair | Stool | Stretchers

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