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Decorative Styles of Windsor Chair

 Spindle | Wheelback | Georgian | Carved 

Variations of almost all popular patterns of Windsor chair incorporate a back splat or baluster in their design. Chairs with back splats aren't significantly stronger than their all-spindle relatives, so the function must be decorative.
Back splats appear in many shapes and sizes, often being known by specific names such as Fiddle, Bulls Eye, Christmas Tree and Wheelback. Other designs are associated with a particular period (e.g. Georgian), or produced as commemorative devices (e.g. Fleur-de-Lys). 
Peter Tree, as well as crafting the time-honoured designs, is contributing to this long tradition of diversity by producing sets of carved back splats with common themes. Typically these themes are based on flora or fauna (with carefully selected subjects that have become collectors pieces).


The original plain design.
Simple elegance.

High spindle back carverHigh Back Carver

Side Chair Wheelback side chair


A traditional design.


A popular period design.

Georgian back side chair Side Chair

Side Chair Carved back side chair


Peter Tree's hand carved designs are the latest development in the tradition of decorative back splats for Windsor chairs. These are highly collectable, original and unique to Peter Tree.

 Spindle | Wheelback | Georgian | Carved 

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